We Find Solutions That Fit Your Lighting Needs AND Your Budget

Why Harbinger?

Custom Solutions
At Harbinger we are not tied to one line of LED products. Instead, we partner with an array of proven manufactures to find the product best suited in both price and function for your lighting needs. Our designers use their experience to maximize the lighting plan for your property. 

Big Savings

Using dramatically less wattage than conventional lighting, our lights can save you over two thirds of your lighting cost. In some regions, there are financial incentives to make the switch to LED offered by your utility company or local government. At Harbinger, we identify any incentives you are eligible for and apply for you.


Upgrade Your Look

LED Technology really brings out the colors! This is due to LED lights having a significantly higher CRI (Color Recognition Index) than traditional lighting. This means your property and products will look more appealing. 


Using the directional capabilities of LED lights, you can fully illuminate your property and maximize safety. 



LED lights can be paired with highly sophisticated control systems that can all be run from your smart phone. This allows the customer to control lighting levels based on metric that they choose according to their needs. Using only the light you need can translate to big savings.


We Buy Direct From The Manufacturer

Most lighting companies buy through a distributor, not the manufacturer. We buy direct and pass the savings on to our customers. This also means if you have a warranty claim, we have direct pipeline to the company who issues the warranty rather than going through a third party.

Financing Available
We partner with companies that specialize in funding LED upgrades for businesses just like yours. Most customers who finance their upgrade experience no change in their budget. Let us show you how!